Getting Started

Resources needed for starting a garden (enough for 1 class):


Funding the garden

It is possible to start a garden without any extra funding but buying some tools will speed the process up. Approach the parents' committee for some start up money; source free materials through parents / donations / fundraising and the wider community. Most materials will be available from the local garden centre but here is a list of recycled materials available for free (also see community involvement support sheet):

Managing the Class Outside

One of the first steps to practical gardening is to create a set of garden rules with the children which can be hung in the classroom and out in the garden/shed if possible. Keep them short, five to six rules maximum. The children should be consulted in the drawing-up of the rules (they'll remember them better!) and the teachers and parents must have input too. Draw attention to the rules at the beginning of each session.

Sample Garden Rules:

Managing the class in the outdoor environment can be challenging as being outdoors is associated with a high burst of energy. This can be harnessed by having a grounding activity at the beginning and end of the session.

Here are some ideas:

As children go out regularly they will become used to being in the outdoor classroom and they can start taking certain responsibilities (under supervision) for themselves such as getting keys for the shed, taking out tools and watering plants.